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What is Gaining Ground?

Our Mission

Help Mississippians make sustainable choices by connecting people with essential education and resources. 

Our Definition of Sustainability

Meeting our current needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

 Gaining Ground is committed to  promoting sustainable living in  Mississippi.



  • Supports local chapters
  • Issues a monthly e-newsletter
  • Hosts an annual Sustainable Living Conference
  • Publishes an annual journal, The Southern Good Life
  • Maintains The Sustainable State of Mississippi Green Map
  • Maintains GGSIM website

We Believe:

The world is currently facing an unprecedented set of circumstances. The world population demands more resources than the earth currently offers.

A thriving Mississippi will look very different in the next 20-30 years. Returning to localization of food, energy, transportation and other resources and living within our means is our goal.

Mississippians have the ability to meet the coming challenges.

We can help Mississippians to create a sustainable future for their communities by example, sharing resources and experiences and education at all levels.

What we do...

Annual Sustainable Living Conference:
Starkville, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Oxford, Meridian

Annual Sustainable Living Journal: Volume 1 & 2

First Farm to School Preschool Program in Mississippi: Fresh Start

Local Grants for Chapters: Fresh Food Oxford Schools, The Children's Garden, Love and Peas Community Garden, Southwest MS Sustainable Agriculture Tour, Solar Days, Permablitz, Challenge for our Children, Save Hattiesburg Recycling

Educational Programming All Over MS: MS Mobile Farm, Over 100 presentations to school and community groups

Gaining Ground is your organization!

Join today and become the movement.

Growing Health Sustaining Wellness 
5th Annual Sustainable Living Conference

We believe supporting local business is vital to our communities. We also know that rural areas cannot access supplies locally. If you purchase items through online sources please consider using the link below. Amazon donates money to GGSIM with every purchase. Thank You!

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